On Mission

God is on mission.

God is constantly at work in our world. Together we seek to discover places God is moving and find ways to join in as partners. Our goal is not to “do” missions to people. Our goal is to be On Mission with people, communities, and congregations who are already partnering in God’s work. Our world is rich in opportunities to be invested in God’s work!

CBF OK is committed to missions that cultivate beloved community, bear witness to Jesus Christ, and seek transformational development. Our mission work is grounded in the contexts of global poverty, global migration, and global church.

CBF OK can help churches, groups and individuals participate in life-changing missions — across the street or across the globe. As you discover where God is working and how you may partner, CBF OK can connect you with highly-effective field personnel and resources.


Forming together is at the heart of CBF Oklahoma. Our faith is built in community. We work better in community. We learn and grow from working alongside others. Agreeing and disagreeing with others teaches us to be tolerant, to forgive, and even to change. All of these moments in community form us, together, as the Kingdom of God.


Search Committee Resources

CBF OK can recommend and connect churches to valuable resources during transition periods.

Dawnings: Church Renewal

Dawnings invites your church to see the world and your ministry within it with fresh clarity and purpose. The rhythm of Dawnings helps your congregation develop skills through visioning, forming, and engaging that will transform how your church views its ministry and mission efforts. 

Professional Networking

CBF OK invites ministers to join together in Peer Learning Groups These groups provide health and community.

Safe Church Resources

Baptist Women in Ministry and CBF have created resources to help churches talk about and address harassment, misconduct, and prevention

News and Updates

Subscribe to CBF OK’s newsletter to stay up to date on the ministries and opportunities available in Oklahoma.

Student Internships

There are multiple opportunities for students to intern at CBF OK, at CBF churches around the country, or abroad with CBF Field Personnel.

Prayer Resources

Sign up for Prayers of the People and pray with others for CBF Field Personnel, pastoral counselors, chaplains, and church starters.

On Mission Opportunities

If you are searching for a way to partner in your community and world on mission, let us explore options with you. We have opportunities in Oklahoma, throughout the US, and around the globe.


Our Story

The Cooperating Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma is a community of churches and individuals building partnerships on mission with Christ and sustaining conversations of faith, well-being, and Baptist identity. Together we are On Mission, finding ways to engage where God is already at work, building community, encouraging young Baptists, building bridges across divides, embracing Christian mission, and advocating for positive change.

The Cooperating Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma was founded on February 29, 1992. The state organization cooperates in the areas of evangelism, poverty initiatives, disaster relief, support of theological institutions, religious journalism, new church starts, peer learning groups, missions, pastoral support, search committee consultation, Christian coaching, and fellowship.