Cooperative Student Fellowship: PIVOT

The years of your early adult life are both exciting and challenging. During this time, you are beginning to seek your own answers to spiritual questions. You are beginning to look for God not just in your home or home church, but in the world around you. This is a time in which you PIVOT. You PIVOT from being a child into being an adult. You PIVOT from a small community into the wider world. You PIVOT from being told who God is and what God does into finding this knowledge yourself. You also PIVOT back, taking lessons from both your past and your present to create a future in which you relate joyfully and effectively to God and others. 

The PIVOT fellowship of CBF OK is a place for you to safely contemplate and explore new ideas and ways to see God at work. Together we explore our world, its impact on us, and how it helps us relate to God. When we find God at work, we explore ways God might be inviting us to partner in that work.  Weekly online discussions in a safe community provide a way to explore together and learn from one another. Opportunities to meet in person each month give us a chance to enjoy a community of friends and work On Mission together. An annual trip to work alongside CBF Field Personnel is a chance for us all to gather and put together what we have learned in an exciting location, such as New York City or Barcelona.  

Participation in PIVOT gives you opportunities for developing leadership skills, discovering your ministry skills, exploring career and ministry options through summer internships at home and abroad, learning how to advocate, discovering Asset Based Community Development, traveling On Mission, and much more. Our goal is to develop leaders for our congregations who believe God is at work, actively seek God at work, and engage with that work in ways that provide the most impact. 

PIVOT is sponsored by the Cooperating Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma and is a registered OU Student Organization, located on the Norman campus. All students are welcome. Students from other schools are welcome to participate. We don’t need to change you. We do want to share life with you and learn together with you. We welcome anyone who is seeking to see and discover God in our world and to engage with God.   

How do you get involved? Join us any week for an online chat. We discuss God, our world, and hopefully share encouragement. We will host regular in person meet-ups. Students who attend other schools are welcome to participate, both online and in person. If you are interested in our spring trip, you will need to attend at least six study sessions, either online or in person. We study the books “Pivot” and “When Helping Hurts” in preparation.

At PIVOT we are a community On Mission together, learning and respecting all those who are seeking to find God at work in their world. This is a safe place to explore, to question, to grow, and to live into respect and love for all those in our community.