New Baptist Covenant

Saddened by the persistent divisions between Baptist communities and in the United States, Jimmy Carter brought together prominent leaders from across the Baptist family in 2007. These leaders represented more than 30 Baptist organizations and over 20 million people. He challenged them to explore new opportunities for fellowship and cooperation. From this effort, a ministry of action named the New Baptist Covenant was born, uniting Baptists and renewing our pursuit of unity and justice on the local and national scale.

The New Baptist Covenant builds bridges in places previously marked by division. We are called by God to champion the weak and oppressed, honor the diverse workings of the Holy Spirit and to share the love of Christ. 

CBF Oklahoma entered into a covenant with the Oklahoma Indian American Baptist Association as a part of the New Baptist Covenant. Through this partnership, CBF OK has been involved in ministries alongside several Native American congregations in Oklahoma. The partnership is ongoing.