Cooperative Student Fellowship (CSF)

CSF:PIVOT is a leadership development program which challenges students to transform their practice of mission engagement. We believe that God is on mission in our world and together we learn how to observe God at work and to participate with God, and others, on mission. Students will be given the book “Pivot”, which will guide their discussion in six group meetings. Students will develop an understanding of mission, skills in asset-based community development, and will form a theology of mission to guide their mission engagement. With this knowledge, students can engage with CBF Field Personnel on the mission field in a unique learning experience. This is not a traditional mission trip. It is an opportunity to listen, learn, and practice what we have discovered. After returning home, students meet to reflect on their experiences and discover ways for this experience to carry over into their everyday lives and communities. Our goal is to develop leaders for our congregations who believe God is at work, actively seek God at work, and engage with that work in ways that provide the most impact.

Our group meets monthly during the academic year. We will get to know one another as we learn together. You can expect meetings to include mission learning in preparation for our trip, trip planning, fundraising ideas, time for fellowship, and some fun! Our trip together is in the spring, typically in late May/early June. Optional opportunities may arise to work On Mission during the year, as well as times to gather just for fun.

CBF OK invests in students because we believe that young adults are the leaders of tomorrow’s church and it is our task to mentor, encourage, and engage students. We understand that most believers feel compelled to engage on mission with God. It is important to help each person understand what that means and best practices for doing so. OU CSF welcomes all students to come explore being On Mission. While many of our students attend local churches affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and most attend OU, we have students from other churches and schools. Our group is inclusive of all who desire to explore mission involvement.