Our History


For two decades, from the 1970s to the ‘90s, many progressive Baptists across the nation sought to disassociate themselves from the policies and politics of the Southern Baptist Convention. The primary issues were interpretation of Scripture, the role of women in the church, the separation of Church and State, and the control of historic Baptist institutions. As a result, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Atlanta, Georgia incorporated in 1991.

The Cooperating Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma was founded on Leap Year Day – February 29, 1992 – when more than 100 progressive Oklahoma Baptists signed a document creating a state chapter of the national CBF.

The CBF of Oklahoma’s cornerstone is Freedom – Soul Freedom, Biblical Freedom, Church Freedom, and Religious Freedom. We are indebted to Dr. Walter Shurden of Mercer University for those four freedom categories. In Galatians we find these words, “For freedom Christ has set us free.” Freedom, therefore, is a core value, not simply an instrumental one.

Freedom is valuable in itself.



As our name indicates, the CBF of Oklahoma is a cooperating partner of the CBF in Atlanta, GA. The state organization cooperates with the national body in the areas of evangelism, poverty initiatives, disaster relief, support of theological institutions, religious journalism, new church starts and other mutually agreed-upon items.

CBF of Oklahoma cooperates also with other state CBF organizations to help strengthen regional health, provide disaster relief, and contend with poverty.

To read more about the CBF of Oklahoma’s programs, you can find their pages here:

On Mission 
Connect: Cooperative Student Fellowship 
Disaster Response
Community of Practice
Peer Learning Groups
New Church Starts
The Presence newsletter



A Coordinating Council, which serves in overlapping terms, governs the CBF of Oklahoma. It is led by a full-time Coordinator, who is selected by special committee and then elected by council vote. The council elects its own officers as well, including a Moderator, Moderator-elect, Secretary and Treasurer.

To carry out is programs, ministries and mission, CBF of Oklahoma solicits funds from cooperating churches, individual members of the organization, and other agencies with common goals. It has a building in Norman, OK – the Fellowship Center –, which is shared by other Christian bodies. A CBFO Foundation with a significant corpus helps to maintain the property and augment its programs.


To download a copy of Dan Hobb’s History of the CBF of Oklahoma (years 1992-2006), follow this link: Shaping a New Thing