Pivot: Cooperative Student Fellowship

The CBF of Oklahoma, Northhaven Church, and First Baptist Church of Norman are rekindling the cooperative vision for university ministry!

The world is changing and so are college students. Today’s Christian college student is looking for something deeper than your typical on-campus ministry.

This generation of Christ-followers will not settle for watered down doctrine or faith; they desire community and seek radical ways to put their faith into action. They want vulnerability, creativity, and authenticity. They have serious questions and want serious answers.

So Pivot was born.

Pivot is a registered student organization at the University of Oklahoma, with Lori Stevens as our faculty advisor.
If you ask any Pivot student what their vision/mission is they would say, “We exist to connect students with each other, to a local church, and to God.”

1. Connecting to each other is the vulnerable community piece.  Students are not islands.  They connect socially to each other in more ways now than ever before in history.

2. Connecting to a local church is equally as important.  We live in an age of mega churches, whose demographic is youth to young adult. Pivot encourages college students to find and invest in a local, multi-generational church. Their inclusion means helping out with ministries, whether that be children’s, youth, or going every once in a while to the funeral of a parishioner whose life was well lived.

3. Taken together, these goals put students on a healthy path towards their creator.

In the end, Pivot is more than an organization or mission statement – It is a community of students who choose to journey together in authentic, spirit-filled, radical faith where Jesus is the true reality and bringing the Kingdom to earth is the goal.